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Since 1981, ITC Grenoble is growing at the same time as its South American customers. Young and passionate, our team adapts perfectly to the needs and requirements of its partners, whether they are small shops or mass distribution retailers. Thanks to our experience and know-how, we are able to bring flawless services and forge a win-win relationship based on trust.

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With the aim of always exceeding its customers’ expectations, ITC Grenoble brings them 38 years of experience in international purchases and proposes a customized service fitting their strategy.

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Overview of our products, our partners’ OEM brands, stories from our customers and suppliers: ITC Grenoble told by those whom chose it!

ITC Grenoble told by those whom chose it

We have been working for 26 years with ITC. During this period of time we have considered them a valuable partner, a true member of our team that understands our needs and our local market dynamics. The developments we have done together especially in Colombia and Uruguay have set the tone of differentiation and have allowed us to be a step ahead in product and concept innovation. They are reliable, trustworthy and respectful of the agreements we commonly reach.
Jose Loaiza, vice-president of international business of the Exito group (Colombia)
During more than 22 years between 1990 and 2013 I had the privilege to lead Almacenes EXITO S. A. the largest retailer in Colombia and lived step by step its transformation from a company with four stores and 3000 employees to one with more than 600 stores and 40000 employees making it Colombia’s largest employer and at the time the largest corporation in terms of revenue with approx 6 billion dollars of revenue.
One of my most rewarding experiences during this trajectory is to have met Francoise Vendemie Martin CEO of ITC an international product sourcing corporation based in Grenoble France with which we have worked hand by hand for more than16 years.
During all that time ITC proved to be one of our most productive suppliers and distinguished itself for its irrefutable efficiency, the quality of its products and its continual innovation and resourcefulness in a perpetual changing environment.
ITC provided us with a unique differentiation though excellent products of great value and quality finding always new and refreshing items that were delivered to us in very accurate timing reducing considerably our lead time from supplier to final clients.
It is maybe because its manageable size that this excellent sourcing corporation can have great speed backed by excellent communication and logistics.
Finally it is fair to say that the work of ITC went further from simply locating and buying for us innovative international products. ITC was also a very useful and trustable partner for many other aspects of the business as are the development of our range of private labels and building bridges for important and high qualified allies and partners.
I can say with certainty that apparat from our own direct sourcing and that if our parent company in France, ITC was, in my time, one of those suppliers that made it possible for EXITO to become the indisputable leader In the Colombian market with an extension now to other important Latam Nations.
There should be more companies like ITC. And more professionals like the lucky ones that confirm it.
Gonzalo Restrepo, president of Exito group (Colombia) from 1991 to 2013
I had commercial relationship with ITC and its owner Francoise Vendemie Martin since the beginning of the 90’s, being the Commercial Vice president of Exito Group. They have always been an excellent agile, hard-working team, with ability to understand the urgency and with people conscious of their role and responsibilities, who combine youth and experience, both required for a business that needs to be concrete and dynamic.
Mrs. Francoise and her team have the network and capacity to move around the world, in Europe, Asia, Africa. They searched products and stories that the Colombian market asks for, they proposed exhibition and merchandising solutions the most adapted to the selected products in order to help and make things easier for the buyers of my commercial team. They also always take into account better ways and most economical options to transport the goods from origin to Colombian ports in their offers. Without any doubts, during all my time as Commercial Vice President, ITC has been an unconditional ally to offer attractive proposals with best value for money and that permit to surprise the Colombian consumer and to generate intention to buy.
The account management has always been transparent and according to what has been negotiated with our team. When some error happened, they have always been inclined to recognize it and look for the best way for all parties to solve it.
Additional to the sourcing of products, they provide us with an excellent intelligence business service, sending us constantly advertising flyers from the biggest French retails stores, informing us about new trends; exercise very useful for our local commercial and marketing activities.
Dario Jaramillo, vice-president of Exito group (Colombia) until 2011, in the company from 1992 to 2011
The ITC is an active collaborator with quick responses and good help resources in the search and development of products.
The company provides excellent interaction and communication with our team which has been a key differentiator for our work.
The efficiency and organization brings safety and reliability to our partnership.
Debora Heinz, division manager of Houseware at Tok&Stok (Brazil) from 1996 to 2018
We work with ITC and its professional team for many years.
Its work as well as its seriousness is excellent, particularly in the fairs where they accompany us.
They find everything that we need, always with happiness and good attitude, and follow every one of our orders closely.
We are very thankful to the full team of ITC for all these years working together!!!!
Lic.Guadalupe Irigoyen, Category Manager Houseware at Disco Devoto Geant group (Uruguay)
ITC truly have been essential for our development, reducing the distance between South America and Asia.
Their help is invaluable, both during the fairs as well as during the whole import process. Sometimes you don’t want to buy certain products because of complexity in logistics or else, but in ITC they make the impossible possible.
The professional and human quality of ITC’s full team make the working relationship very flexible and pleasant.
Alejandra Cardoso, manager of Dearcos (Uruguay)
Thanks Brice, excellent information!
We like to work as a team with you.
Claudia Giraldo Castro, kiitchen and storage buyer, GRUPO ÉXITO
Many thanks for all the information you share with us! It is great help as we don’t have anything nearby here to see trends!!
Lic. Guadalupe Irigoyen, Category Manager Houseware
We’ve been in business with ITC (International Trading Company) on long term basis and I can say
that they valued their suppliers by giving their full support and co-operation which made us satisfied.
ITC (International Trading company) help us grow our business in terms of stability and reliability in
International Market of Home Furnishings.
Dr.K.N.Prabhu, Paradigm International (India)
Working with ITC since 2009, ITC has showed considerable expertise in business and high quality of work approaches, most of all, ITC relays trustworthiness to us. We especially admire their accurate organizational working procedure, swift response and down-to-earth attitude. We have benefited greatly from ITC not only in terms of business but also their Knowledge. We are fully supportive for ITC all the time.
Heather, Shine E-Gift (Taiwan)
TAFA has worked with ITC for years, the experiences are extraordinary. We would describe ITC not only as a friend, but also family.
How do we say this? It’s all a result of the way they do business.
ITC runs business with all their passion, just like a mother taking care of her family. Mother always choose the most beautiful decoration for their homes, making the best choice on the furniture and the highest quality products they select for their beloved ones.
These are the key standards of ITC, no matter how difficult and how much time consuming, ITC never says no, just like mothers.
It is an honor working with ITC, we are proud of being part of it.
Penelope, Tafa International (Taiwan)
We are glad to work with ITC since 4 years already.
ITC is the perfect partner for developing highly complex markets such as the South American ones. Its team has a high knowledge of the local distribution channels and of the local culture.
They proved many times their expertise in handling tough negotiations, finding always the best solution for making their customers happy, and their suppliers even happier.
Communication with the sales team and with customers is always fast and flowing and sales processes are simplified thanks to their coordination and supervision.
Ultimately, I would not hesitate to recommend the services of ITC International Trading Company to everyone that wants a good and trustworthy partner.
Fadi, ABM Italy
We firmly believe that ITC is a trustworthy & honest company according to the past 6 years of cooperation between us.
ITC respects suppliers and we had a very good time working together.
In the future we absolutely will stay with ITC and create a beautiful future together.
James, Half Dollar (China)
We worked with ITC in order to develop our sales in South America. This collaboration was really successful because thanks to ITC’s network, local partners choose to trust our products. ITC has been the perfect partner between final customer and our company for fitness products and number 1 of French home Fitness.
So we have been able to open and increase our potential into those new markets thanks to ITC. Common work has been perfect and we can now proudly announce that we have a real presence in South America.
We want to keep going like this and establish a strong relationship with ITC.
Antoine Leclerc, Care Fitness (France)
For 2 years now, we are working successfully with ITC thanks to whom we have opened several account in South America. I appreciate particularly the professional and warm relationship of the team, especially Cecile and Samantha who are my privileged contacts. Well done to Francoise for this success. I hope we will be able to increase the sales for existing customers and to open new accounts together.
Yannis, Parisot (France)
Hello! And many thanks!!!! For your nice and positive mail as always.

We at Designhut will always be grateful to you and Angelique in bestowing the trust in us and we promise to strengthen this trust for many more years to come. We are proud to be associated with your esteem Company and promise to maintain this healthy partnership.

Neelam, co-owner of design Hut
We are happy to see all of you are in safe and can help more doctors.
ITC is really a strong team full of responsibility and efficiency working. We are really touched by your letter.
As part of French and worldwide citizen, you really did much to contain virus and win this battle.
That’s really our honor to be part of your team as partner, friend.
Way, Happy Go (China)
ITC GRENOBLE is my good customer and good friends. I am very happy to help you this time.
We have cooperated for many years, thanks for your boss, thanks for ITC GRENOLE team, because I got a lot of help from ITC GRENOLE these years.
Emily, Yintuo (China)
Our collaboration with ITC started in 2009. 2 of our students from our Bachelor Responsible of Iport-export Zone have been recruited in training programs for one year and in the end both students have been hired in the company. One of them, Samantha is still working there today.
Since then, we are working together on a regular basis and all students are unanimous: we really learn how to work imports and exports in ITC, never get bored. The work load is heavy but the job learning is excellent.
Francoise, Samantha and all the collaborators of the company have always led our students on the best way possible and with their heart shared with them their knowledge and professional experience. The student who really wants to learn and to progress can do it.
For all these reasons, I want to thank Francoise and her team for this fruitful collaboration and I wish long life to this dynamic company.
Arlette LEBOURG, Responsible of international trade Department – HECI Réseau La Salle – Saint-Etienne
I want to thank you for accepting me as a trainee in your company and for the welcome and time you dedicated to me. Thanks to you, I have discovered a lot of aspects of export and logistics. This internship confirmed my wish to work in international business. I have developed new knowledge that I could fully benefit. This first experience will be very important for my future and the tasks I took part in really allowed me to understand this job’s stakes.
Tania Mosca, trainee in december 2015