The ITC Grenoble difference

7 steps to succeed

For 38 years, we have been a buying office specializing in setting up effective processes to ensure the follow-up and shipment of our goods in due-time. This process, recognized by our customers and suppliers, guarantees peace of mind and success to all our partners.

The process of ITC (International Trading Company), buying office for the import export of your goods

We innovate to increase your productivity

Bringing you solutions daily

A customized and constantly renewed offer

We benefit from a worldwide network of diversified suppliers, sorted according to the category of products, quality level, price range, Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ), design, time of production and customer’s target. As many criteria that allow us not only to perfectly meet our customer’s demands, but also to suggest targeted and customized offers that fit customers’ profile, the time of the year, the opportunity of the moment, etc. Thanks to ITC Grenoble, our customers have access to thousands of products but only reference one single supplier in their system, simplifying operations and the internal follow-up of their teams.

Our offer includes own brand products as well as already established brand products, in accordance to the sales strategy defined by our customers.

Since the 1990s, we organize ready-to-use events under various themes such as the origin of the goods, a gathering concept, a growing trend, or a period of the year.

We attend the main international fairs which allows us to constantly update and renew our offers with a sourcing oriented to the needs and tastes of our targeted markets.

Strong of multiple experiences for 35 years  (luxury brands, sports goods, shipment of alimentary goods for Relais & Châteaux, mass distribution, duty free shops, independent single stores or edgy shops), we are able to offer our services to various types of customer, no matter their size, geographical location or their needs.

ITC, source of solution for the import and export of your goods

Products solution provider

ITC, whistleblower


Business Intelligence and advices to stand out from competition

Business Intelligence is one of our main tools to inform our partners of the new trends, important facts that change the behavior of final consumers, potential danger and problems to come, new places to visit.

We regularly organize “Intelligence Tours” in several European cities and we send our customers many advertising leaflets or internet links to enhance their inspiration and their creative ideas.

A system of alerts has been set up to raise awareness of our partners about the logistic and commercial calendars to respect in order to anticipate each step and ensure the good continuity of the buying process, the orders and shipments.

We analyze our daily tasks and quickly detect the lacks of efficiency, we underline the problems encountered and we propose lines of improvement to save time on administration tasks or complex processes. This way, we allow our customers to focus on other essential points to increase their competitiveness.

Peace of mind and success guaranteed

Our services include factory audits, sending of samples both for products and packaging if needed, technical sheet of the goods, high resolution pictures, test reports according to the local legislation and charter of ethics application.

We deal with the settlement of disputes and do everything to solve the disagreement in a fair and satisfactory way in the interests of all parties.

We also put ethics and moral at the heart of our work by applying a strict anti-criminality process and the respect of a commercial code of ethics in order to comply with the new laws both in South America (SARLAFT law) and Europe (RGPD law) and to insure peace of mind to all our partners.

Thanks to our stability and good financial health, the Banque de France granted us the 3+ rating since several years which brings serenity and tranquility in the business relationship.

We make a point of honor to respect the established conditions at the beginning of each orders and to reply to each demand received in the next 48 hours, “Françoise’s law”, with the final goal of reaching the excellence of our service.

ITC puts ethics and quality at the center of the import and export of your goods

Business ethics and quality safeguard

ITC, leader and guide for the growth of your importations and exportations

Growth guide and leader

A strong business relationship based on long-term and loyalty

Our goal is to grow together: we invest ourselves with passion and fervor in each one of our business relationships in order to make them last.

The obstacles strengthen and stimulate us to look for new opportunities and reach the objectives, or even go beyond them.

Flexibility is our strong point, which allows us to stand out from our competitors and to change direction according to the needs and the various encountered situations.

The strength of ITC Grenoble lies in its determination to always outdo itself and in its exigence to defend common interests. Thanks to our central position of the operations, we are in contact with all the departments (commercial, logistic, marketing, financial among others) and thus we can be aware all of the different viewpoints, centralize the information and lead everyone to the best and most fitting solution that will benefit the growth of the company.

Medellin, Colombia – photo courtesy of ACI Medellin
Agencia de Cooperación e Inversión de Medellín y el Área Metropolitana