Who we are

Made in Grenoble

ITC Grenoble was founded in 1981 by Françoise Martin to export luxury goods to South America. Gradually, the company shifted focus to supermarkets and became the key partner of the best South American retailers thanks to its market expertise, an offer targeted at mass distribution, and its ability to be flexible according to the needs of its customers. ITC Grenoble always favored loyalty in every relationship and built common stories of more than 20 years. Today pioneer of a « management libéré » (released management) and with a young and dynamic team, ITC Grenoble is also able to work with customers from any background.

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Our philosophy

Curiosity and awareness

Our thirst of knowledge encourages us to be interested in everything that is different, be curious, always looking for novelties, and be attentive to trends and markets in order to improve our global environment’s understanding. We feed on everything that will allow us to anticipate troubles, to be original in our way of solving problems, to be proactive and inform our customers of every important fact, new process to save time.

Authenticity and empathy

Passionate, we are listening to the emotions and needs of everyone, we identify with you: your problems are ours and your success, our motivation. Our implication comes from our will to grow together, like a family, a team. Our work is a daily commitment to satisfy you and fulfill all your expectations.

ITC - International Trading Company

Questioning and tenacity

« Nothing can be taken for granted » is one of our core principle. Adapting to change, constantly evolving, being polyvalent, able to answer every demand and always questioning ourselves are so many means to analyze current difficulties and improve our service’s quality. We apply the Kaizen methodology (continuous improvement) day in day out.

Exigency and culture of excellence

The essence of ITC Grenoble lies in our ability to use every possible and unthinkable mean to reach the expected result. Reactivity, rigor and dynamism are the keys to our performance. Without taking the easy way, we go beyond perfection by proposing additional alternatives in order to offer more choices and opportunities.

Medellin, Colombia – photo courtesy of ACI Medellin
Agencia de Cooperación e Inversión de Medellín y el Área Metropolitana

Our missions

Whether you are customers, suppliers or forwarders

Our vocation is to make your life and business easier thanks to customized quality service.

Be your ADDED VALUE generator
Our ambition is to bring you the « plus » that will make you stand out from competition thanks to our knowledge and expertise of South American markets.

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